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Facility: Pro Gallery

Studio A

4035's Premier Suite

Equipment List

Interface: Universal Audio Apollo X8

DAWs: Pro Tools 2021 & Ableton Live 11

Monitoring: Barefoot MM27's

& QSC KS118 Subwoofer

Microphones: Manley Reference Gold

Music Equipment
Facility: Recording Gear

Studio B & C

Studio B

Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin X
DAWs: Pro Tools 2021 & Ableton Live 11
Monitoring: Yamaha HS8's 
Microphones: Neumann TLM 49

Studio C

Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Arrow
DAWs: Pro Tool 2021
Monitoring: PreSonus Eris 8's
Microphones: WA-87 R2

Multi-Purpose Room

As with all of our equipment, our M-Audio Axiom AIR Midi Controllers are quality assured and guaranteed to perform. We believe in form and functionality, as well as aesthetics, and offer our clients an incredible selection of top quality instruments and recording gear to choose from, including M-Audio Axiom AIR Midi Controllers. Do you have any questions? A valued member of our team would be more than happy to help.

Facility: Equipment
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