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Meet The Staff



Daquon Brice

Head Engineer

Daquon "BRZY" Brice is a certified audio engineer, with a focus on post-production and mastering. His love for music began at an early age, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and Producer turned Audio Engineer.


After touring the country for years, he was ready to take a step back from the road and help others achieve their goals in the music industry. The owner of True Dream Music Agency, an independent label based out of Denver, CO aims to help others flourish in their music careers, whether it be through management or engineering.

With over 10 years in the industry, Daquon aims to get your tracks sound right where you want it every time.

Stussy Yokai

Head Engineer

Stussy Yokai is a certified audio engineer with over 8 years of engineering expertise. Stussy has journeyed through the sonic landscapes of Savannah, Atlanta, and Charlotte weaving his passion into the heartbeat of the music he creates.

Guiding artists with meticulous care, Stussy has not only worked in various studios but has also managed them. Fostering environments where creative spirits flourish and talent blossoms. 

"My purpose is to sculpt soundscapes that resonate and witness the artists I work with grow into their

sonic potential"


Evan Branquinho

Tracking Engineer

A newcomer to the engineering game but no stranger to the sound. Evan began his interest in the music at an early age and took up music production. With a focus on EDM and expanding into other genres over time.

Continuing on from making beats to audio engineering Evan strives to help artists fulfill their potential and grow into new and fresh sounds.

Meet The Team: Studio Staff
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